2016 Fall Writing Call: The Studio Visit
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2016 Fall Writing Call: The Studio Visit

2016 Fall Writing Call: The Studio Visit

Our writing call for this fall is the studio visit. What is the conversation about art in Kansas City? Are your peers making interesting work? Get a “beer with a painter” Tell us about what artists around you are making. You may use this form as a structure to build your piece or experiment with your own format. All published writings will receive your choice of a $30 honorarium (Thanks Rocket Grants!) or a 6 month ad share. Remember the mission of Informality is to document the conversation about art in Kansas City and publish writing that is informal and informative. 

The Set Up:

Before starting the interview use this list of questions to setup the environment for your reader

  • What are they doing?
  • What does the space look like?
  • How do you imagine it existing outside the studio?
  • Where would you like to see it go?

The Visit:

Use this line of questioning as a template – feel free to deviate and allow the conversation to go where it may.

  • Why are you making what you’re making?
  • What questions are you asking?
  • What are you listening to/reading/or watching? Is that feeding into your work at all?
  • Are there different bodies of work being made at the same time? Are they having a similar conversation?
  • What do you anticipate the audience perceiving in regards to this work?
  • Why is your particular medium specific for what you are doing?

Here are some examples of different approaches:

Q & A Format

Short Essay Format

Submit your answers/writing with 3-6 hi-res cellphone photos by midnight, Saturday, October 8th 2016 to editor@informalityblog.com


This call is not limited to the studio visit! SEND US WRITING!

If you choose you can also publish alternative form -we’re open to experimentation!

If you are interested in submitting writing outside of this call for an honorarium, please set up a pitch meeting via email to melaneyannmitchell@gmail.com

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