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CRIT 2 CRIT at PLUG Projects Book Fair

CRIT 2 CRIT at PLUG Projects Book Fair


Our partnership with PLUG Projects’ Book Fair this coming weekend has allowed us an opportunity to facilitate a writing workshop for the public. In this workshop, our original focus was to create strategies to support local artist writers and expand criticism in our community. With the results of this election, Informality, as a publication, is taking a political stance. We are appalled at the results of Tuesday night and now face an upcoming presidency and Congress that drastically impacts the lives of individuals of color, members of the LGBTQIA community, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities, and women. As an artist community, this is an opportunity for us to discuss solidarity. In what ways can we utilize this workshop and our platform to discuss mobilizing against the forces of hate that are impacting our communities?

This Saturday CRIT 2 CRIT will be a platform for artists in the community to come together, speak up, and be given a platform for their voices to be heard. This is a contentious time in our country. Through creative work, whether it be visual, performative, or written that we will unite as a creative community against hatred and bigotry.

Over the next month we look forward to publishing work by artists, writers, and creative people of all kinds in the forms of fiction, op-eds, and critical responses to our changing world.

Please join us this Saturday November 12th from 10am- 12:30pm at PLUG Projects (1613 Genessee St. Kansas City MO 64102) to plan what our future holds. We are thankful to PLUG Projects for this opportunity to utilize their space and to Rocket Grants for funding to make our writing programming possible. 


Please send an email to info@plugprojects.com by Friday November 11th to RSVP so that there is an adequate amount of snacks and coffee.


With a heavy heart,

Melaney Mitchell


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