Informality’s New Mission
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Informality’s New Mission

Informality’s New Mission

Two days into a new administration, the art world and the media have been directly targeted. We here at Informality will not stand for this. Our editors have been energized by marching in collective peaceful protests this weekend. These acts of solidarity and the warmth of hope put forth by the Women’s March across the world is an energy we don’t want to lose. We feel, in these times, it is apt that we adjust our mission statement and open our platform to writing that explores this shift in culture.

We have always focused on covering the conversation that exists in the Kansas City arts community. The pendulum of that discussion has shifted drastically in the last three months. We want to function not as a simple archive of who/what/where, but a catalyst encouraging contributions from a wide range of perspectives in the community. This platform we have built, we see as an opportunity; one that asks deeper questions of the arts community, and connects work being made to our shifting reality. We want to remain informal and informative, but we want to be radically critical through what we publish and the programming we create.

Our editorial staff is ready to focus on empowering new writers and growing what it means to be an arts and culture writer in and around Kansas City. We are at a crossroads. There is no time to be apolitical or mute. It is time for us to demand the world we want to see.

We want to support your writing. Please send pitches to

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