January 2015 Second Weekend Radar: Plus Links!
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January 2015 Second Weekend Radar: Plus Links!

January 2015 Second Weekend Radar: Plus Links!

Its January and it is bitterly cold, which means not as many openings as usual. This week we have added something new for 2015, links with our weekly radar!


StudiosInc: 2015

Friday 6-9 PM

1708 Campbell St.

Kansas City MO 64108

Studios Inc is hosting their annual resident exhibition opening featuring current resident artists Brett Reif, Jarrett Mellenburch, Colby K Smith, Jill Downen, Miles Neidinger, Robert Josiah Bingaman, Tanya E. Hartman, Gerry Trilling, Ricky Allman, and Debra Smith.



Local Links:

Critic Blair Schulman has been writing about plenty of local exhibitions on Huffington post. Here are links to a few

The Cultural Evolution of Art and the Net

Peregrine Honig’s Unicorn Considers Myths and Transitions


Jori Sackin recently started a blog called Ten Millimeters featuring criticism on local art/exhibitions

Obsession by Haw Contemporary

I am a patchwork. I am a collage. I am a mess.

The Transfiguration of our Collective Symbols


50/50 Kansas City (who we have previously interviewed) has a proposal call for their Billboard Series. Applications are due January 10th at midnight!



dear unapologist is an anonymous art criticism tumblr about Kansas City’s art scene in a question and answer format. We’re curious to see where this one goes…



Artist/writer Christopher Lowrance sent us this interview he did with KC area artist Kathy Liao

Q& A with Kathy Liao



did we miss an opening or an interesting link about local art/opportunities in Kansas City? email us a tip by next Thursday at 12 pm to editor@informalityblog.com


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