March 2015 Third Friday Radar!

March 2015 Third Friday Radar!

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Architecture of Touch and Folding Space

Friday 5-9 pm

Haw Contemporary

1600 Liberty

Kansas City MO 64102

Artists Del Harrow, Sanam Emami, Andy Brayman, and Warren Rosser are a part of two new exhibitions opening at Haw. Emami, Brayman, and Harrow are all exploring design principles and how we perceive nuances in furniture and the body in Architecture of Touch. Rosser is exhibiting new monoprints that are investigating color, form, and plays on transparency.



Friday 6-9 pm

Plug Projects

1613 Genessee St.

Kansas City MO 64102

Davin Watne solo exhibition featuring a combo of sculpture, installation, drawing, and collage that seeks a relationship between veneration and ritual.


Out There

Friday 6-9 pm

Plug Projects

1613 Genessee St.

Kansas City MO 64102

Group exhibition featuring Sarah and Joseph Belknap, Daniel J Glendening, Corwin Levi, Siobhan McBride, and Sean McFarland shows work that combines cosmic elements with nighttime logic to create a sense of another world.


Vernal Equinox Sleeping Bag Concert

Friday 7:30 pm- Saturday 7:20 am



1000 W 25th St

Kansas City MO

Composers Sam Jones and Shawn E Hansen will present a musical concert lasting 12 hours – from sunset to sunrise- following the Vernal Equinox and spanning the first evening of spring. The composition is meant to be tranquil and the audience is encouraged to bring sleeping bags or carpets to sleep on. Breakfast and coffee will be served Saturday at sunrise.



Saturday 4-7pm

The Howns Den: Nomadic + Domestic Exhibition Space

5624 Lydia

Kansas City MO 64110

Catlin Horsmon is exhibiting sight specific projections that are exploring history, memory, and place. The home is seen by Horsmon as a text itself and the installations will be based on the history of habitation in the neighborhood and create glimpses of manufactured memories.



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