October 2016 First Friday Radar
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October 2016 First Friday Radar

October 2016 First Friday Radar

Featured First Friday Stop:


Friday 6:00-9:00pm

Beco Flowers

1922 Baltimore Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64108

New work by Trey Hock exploring how we construct modern identity through public/private spaces and photographic images. Outside of Beco tonight you will find Guerrilla Docents Blair Schulman and Melaney Mitchell make sure to stop by and hop on a tour with the public of this show!



Quintessence | Sirens in Distance

Friday 5:30-9:30 pm

The Bunker Center for the Arts

1014 E 19th St

Kansas City, MO 64106

A solo exhibition by Ari Fish is the fifth in a series of immersive temples. These Speak and Spell spaces will be available to the public for meetings, music, performance, and classes through the duration of the show.

She Was Right: a Museum of Strange Archaeology

Friday 6:00-9:00 pm


217 W 18th St

Kansas City, MO 64108

A solo exhibition of sixteen drawings of historical fiction by artist/educator Erin Zona. This show is also framed as a micro-museum, She Was Right, which deals with the experience of revelation, desire, and truth.

Lorenzo Triburgo, “Policing Gender”

Friday 6:00- 8:00 pm

KCAI Crossroads Gallery: Center for Contemporary Practice

1819 Grand Blvd.

Kansas City, MO

Policing Gender is an installation and sound based series of work that deals with loneliness, danger, and fear of queer existence in the US Prison System,

Happiness Is A Place Where Everybody Knows My Name

Friday 6:00pm- 1:00am


3222 Smart Ave

Kansas City, MO 64124

First exhibition of new alternative space LAND featuring work by Keller Gordon



The Fade

Saturday 7:00-10:00pm

The Drugstore

3948 Main St.

Kansas City, MO 64111

The second in the Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style project by Don Wilkison aka M.O.I and his daughter Sarah Wilkison. This time, a film screening with Nicholas Ward and Amber Hansen followed by a barber’s chair artist talk that will also feature Jose Faus. Up for discussion, creating community murals in the Mid-West, Mexico, and Bolivia.

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