Open Call 2020

Informality Blog acknowledges its relationship to privilege in the visual arts dialogue. We recognize this moment is one to amplify voices other than our own. Black Lives Matter.

We have put current publishing on pause to make room for this call. We are asking for your voices to help design a future for visual art that we want to see and believe in. Our platform is small, but it has ears and voices.

This is a project we have been discussing at Informality for quite a while and the time to pursue and expand upon it is now. For lack of elaboration, we want to hear your version on The Future of the Arts Institution. Whatever form this takes; utopian, dystopian, socialist, fantastical, we want to see it. We want to know what the purpose of art could be. These essays will be published as an ongoing series on Informality’s platform until further notice.

We encourage you to check out this activity created by celebrated Sci-Fi novelist N.K. Jemisin on world building in this essay here.

Moreover, in our consistent effort to work with writers and editors seeking a platform for their voices, we invite you to submit your writing project on visual arts and culture in the Kansas City region or beyond.

email your pitch to