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please submit all writings in the form of a short 150 word or less pitch to


Confused on what to submit? Here is how we break down our posts…


All of these categories will appear in the Formal + section of our front page:

Essays: Essay are a pretty open ended format and do not have to tie directly to a specific exhibition or artist. This is a great medium for artists to write about research topics, work of a friend or collective, and take a more macro approach to an exhibition review.

Long Reviews: Long reviews are any review/critique of an art exhibition or exhibitions longer than 501 words.

Short Reviews: Short reviews specifically focus on one or two recent exhibitions and are 500 words or less.

Interviews: Interviews are typically centered around an exhibition or studio visit with a local artist and has around 8-15 questions.


These categories will appear in the Informal + section of our front page:

News: News posts are simple updates on things happening in the KC community via tips or other sources. This category is also where we post updates on what is happening with the blog.

Radar: Our radar posts are meant to be a way of sifting through the madness of exhibitions/art events. We typically include a photo and links to Facebook events for exhibitions that are on our radar as things not to miss. We’re always looking to expand the reach of our radar and accept tips weekly via email.

Alt/Informal Reviews: Our alternative/informal reviews are an opportunity to take a very short or completely different twist on art criticism. This is where we encourage everything from fictional responses to artworks, poetry, image macros, tweets, Facebook conversation threads, and anything else you can think of that would contribute to our goal of documenting the conversation of the Kansas City art community.


Still have questions? Email Melaney via


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